Distribution trucks said goodbye to manual transmissions a little later than their long-haul brethren. Today, however, you won’t find a classic lever even in smaller equipment, and the number of automatic or automated gears is constantly growing.


Volvo FL



The Volvo FL, a truck up to 18 tons, has just received a new gearbox. It is a fully automatic transmission that offers eight gears instead of the previous six. In practice, this is expected to mean fuel savings of 4%. In addition, the new “automatic” should work better with specialized superstructures, thanks to the power output with full working capacity while stationary.



The Volvo FE will also be available with a new gearbox, a local model for slightly more difficult applications. This truck received the next generation of the I-Shift automated transmission previously introduced for long distance vehicles. In practice, this should mean up to 30% faster operation, with more efficient clutch activation and a shorter interval between individual gear ratios.



Interestingly, although the automatic transmission of the FL model and the automatic transmission of the FE model are completely different in structure, they work on different principles, both transmissions received the same number of modes. The driver will now be able to choose between economic, dynamic or off-road programs by selecting a switch on the dashboard.