Unloading a truck with two mules – that’s what the American Amish do.


An American truck driver, who supplies the agricultural industry, posted a video of the surprising unloading. You can see something like a forklift where the drive is based on mules, the internal combustion engine drives only the hydraulic pump, and the whole thing moves on metal wheels.


The video, which you can watch below, created a real sensation on the Internet, gathering almost 10 million views during the week. But where did this unusual equipment come from and how to explain its design? It has to do with the Amish who inhabit the northeastern United States. In Wisconsin, we meet them relatively easily, and that’s where the author of the video unloaded his truck with a semi-trailer.


The Amish are a Christian protestant community that rejects the use of modern technology. They completely rejected motor-driven vehicles and even forbid the use of rubber tires. They do not use electricity, and even managed to exclude themselves from the obligation of insurance and standard schooling rules. Why? The goal of the Amish is to maintain close, family ties, strengthening them through joint, hard work and adherence to tradition.