A recent study by the American Heart Association created a list of eight professions that can cause the most serious heart problems. Being a truck driver is in the leading position and has been rated as the most dangerous job for the heart.


To conduct this study, a sample of 5,000 people aged at least 45 who had a history of heart problems were examined. For each type of work, physical characteristics were assessed and seven different parameters were examined: from diet to exercise, from blood pressure to sugar levels, from cholesterol to cigarette habits and any excess weight. All factors that, if above the warning level, expose the worker to the risk of heart problems, heart attack and stroke.


It turned out that the truck driver, who spent many hours behind the wheel transporting goods, is the first of the most dangerous professions. In addition to an inactive lifestyle, cigarette smoking is also the main cause of heart problems among truck drivers.


Constantly present vibrations that are transmitted to the body with physical inactivity, lead to damage to the muscular system and the spine (disc herniation and pinched nerves).


Long exposure to a sitting position leads to weaker circulation and therefore to disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system, to the appearance of hypertension.


Polluted air in the immediate working environment (presence of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, as well as diesel particles) is considered one of the main causes of cancer.


The noise that truck drivers are exposed to can often lead to hearing damage.


Despite the challenges, trying to stay healthy is essential to themselves, to their well-being, and even to their career success. This text should not scare truckers, but on the contrary, it should convince them to improve their quality of life, starting with eliminating bad habits when they are on the road.