The modern world is hard to imagine without big trucks, because they are the ones who transport the goods to various outlets, where they finally reach the new owner. However, with the growing need for trucks, there has been a great diversification of these vehicles, so you can find models with a very luxurious cabin, which of course costs a lot of money.


5. Volvo FH 16 Classic – $104k


This model of Volvo truck is considered one of the most expensive. It is powered by a powerful unit with 750 hp, and its cargo capacity is between 44 and 120 tons! In addition, it features a very elegant interior and a handful of active safety systems to help the driver.


4. Scania R730 V8 – $165k


At one time, the Scania R730 with a 730 hp V8 engine was considered the most powerful truck in the world, until the aforementioned Volvo appeared. Scania is a brand of Swedish origin and today is considered one of the most sought after brands when it comes to trucks.


3. Mack Titan – $166k


Here is something from this side of the Atlantic. The Mack Titan is of course produced by the Mack Trucks, and this powerful truck comes in three variants when it comes to engine power: with 515, 565 or 605 horsepower. But what makes the Mack Titan especially appreciated by drivers is the leather-dominated interior!


2. Kenworth W900 – $186k


The Kenworth W900 is by far the most expensive truck produced in the States. His classic style has not changed for years, but it is not the look that makes him desirable in the world of truckers. In addition to being able to transport heavy loads on long journeys with its 635 hp engine without any problems, this truck also has a huge cabin.
In the cabin you can find as many as two beds, but also compartments for the refrigerator, TV… All this means a lot to drivers who have to travel a long way to transport cargo to a given destination.


1. Mercedes-Benz Actros – $196k


The absolute record holder when it comes to the price of a new truck comes from Mercedes’ workshop. The biggest advantage of the Mercedes model is the extremely large and spacious cabin.
Although it does not seem that there is so much space in it on the outside, the look can still deceive. German development engineers and designers have divided the cabin into three parts – the first which is the workstation, where of course the driver’s workplace. The second is for relaxation and the third is for sleeping. The fact that people two meters tall can easily stand in the cabin without touching the ceiling speaks volumes about how generous the space is!

Of course, the Mercedes Actros has practically all active safety systems to help the driver, so the job is significantly easier for the person behind the wheel of this prestigious truck.
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